This Blog will be dedicated to all things World War One.

later In the year I will be highlighting  Weapons, Equipment and Tactics used during the great war.

Supporting Artists who wish to attend the boot camp for this production will find this blog handy when preparing for the boot camp assessment prior to the training.

Stay tuned and if you have not enlisted already, hit the link the below.

We are looking for men aged 16-35 for filming next year near Salisbury.
All roles are paid. Food and costumes will be provided.

We are looking for a ‘core’ group of young male supporting artists with great availability in Spring and Summer 2019.
Filming hours are often long so whilst experience is not essential, a positive ‘can do’ attitude is a must.

Apply here

2 thoughts on “WORLD WAR ONE ON SCREEN.

Add yours

  1. Hi Paul,
    Was great working with you on FURY. I’d love to be part of the Core. I’m physically fit and able and have trained in the military in the past. I’m available from 20th March if that’s workable. Do you the daily rate/ approx total no of days and if I qualify, baring in mind I’m 6’4. I’m sure there were a few talk guys around back then!


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