Paul Biddiss Military Advisor

Military Advisor / Co-Ordinator


After a 24 year career in the UK Armed Forces I set out in the security industry as a close Protection and surveillance operative. Soon after, I entered the film industry as a crowd extra on Monuments Men.

My knowledge became directly required on several high profile productions.

My vast historical military knowledge makes me a valuable asset to any production from Script Consultancy, through shooting, to project completion. Training large battle formation set pieces.


Key advisor in the following:

  • Script Consultancy: 24/7 advice to writers, producers, directors,art dept and all necessary crew with technical detail and terminology.
  • Conduct Bootcamps, assisting with the selection of extras suitable for the production. Training and advising lead cast.
  • Work with all departments on special action sequences to ensure the correct effect is achieved in a safe environment.
  • Deliver a realistic look from present day battlefield drill and tactics to historical battles.
  • AD support and on-set advice on correct military protocols, crowd marshaling and contextual behavior



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