From Script Consultancy, through shooting, to project completion. Training individual cast to supporting Artist and stunt teams on boot camps for large battle formation set pieces.


Key advisor in the following:-

  • Script Consultancy: 24/7 advice to writers, producers, directors, art dept. and all necessary crew with technical detail and terminology.
  • Conduct Bootcamps, assisting with the selection of extras suitable for the production. Training and advising lead cast.
  • Work with all departments on special action sequences to ensure the correct effect is achieved in a safe environment.
  • Deliver a realistic look from present day battlefield drill and tactics to historical battles, additionally can create unique drill and tactics for Science Fiction and Mythical projects.
  • Director and Assistant Director Support and on-set advice on correct military protocols, contextual behaviour and crowd marshalling.
  • Cast Fitness Training in preparation for role.
  • One on one weapons training. Providing realistic and safe weapons training on all section five weapons.

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