British forces in Libya had been roundly defeated by Rommel in mid-1942, and a reshuffle saw Bernard Montgomery take over the 8th Army dangerously close to Alexandria. Some essentials for success had been put in place by his predecessor, but Montgomery's refusal to attack until he was ready, careful briefings, pep talks to troops and... Continue Reading →

Casting Call. soldiers required.

Ex or serving soldiers only. Confidence in drill and weapon handling a must. Age 25 to 35 Dates.  15th to 17th March. Costum fitting and covid tests the week prior. Location. London Rates Standard PACT/FFA 2021 rate. £70.00 for each covid test. Uniform sizes SOLDIER 1Height - 5'10 maxcollar - 16.5chest - 42waist - 34... Continue Reading →

The British opera singer and the Tiger Tank.

Smiling enigmatically, this is the British opera singer-turned-spy who captivated Adolf Hitler. Margery Booth led a double life inside Nazi Germany, where she performed for Hitler and his henchmen while smuggling the Third Reich’s secrets to British intelligence. A picture of opera star Margery Booth which was taken at Freigegeben Stalag IIID and which she... Continue Reading →

Operation Dingo

Operation Dingo was not only the Fireforce concept writ large but the prototype for all the major Rhodesian airborne attacks on the external bases of Rhodesian African nationalist insurgents in the neighbouring territories of Mozambique and Zambia until such operations ceased in late 1979. Fireforce as a military concept is a “vertical envelopment” of the... Continue Reading →

Casting call

Update 6th August 2020. Casting now closed. We are casting for 20 good men between 23 to 40. Athletic build. Ex UK Forces only! You will be required to grow these. You must know your way around a GPMG and have previously trained with our team (and we will know) If you want to be... Continue Reading →

Mother Russia Needs you.

Team PB are Casting. Mother Russia needs you. PLEASE SHARE WIDELY in the South west area. Tankodesantniki (Tank Borne Troops) ride T-34/76 tanks into battle Tank Desant (From the French Descent) was a Red Army invention during the Spanish Civil War. Desant is a Russian word meaning "drop" and was previously applied to naval and... Continue Reading →

The Battle of Kursk

The wider Battle of Kursk - from 5 July to 23 August 1943 - was indeed a turning-point in World War Two. Soviet forces thwarted a huge Nazi counter-attack, after Adolf Hitler's troops had suffered a colossal defeat at Stalingrad in the winter of 1942-43.

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