Female SOE agent casting call. MOCAP.


A female to play the role of an SOE agent for a high profile motion capture production.


Need to be fit and motivated. Motion capture is hard work and requires a high level of fitness.

Need to have the ability to learn and adapt quickly. Would suit Ex forces but not a necessity.


Oxfordshire at Europe’s leading performance capture service provider.


There will be an assessment day to select the best candidate. Date TBC.

Training will be provided to the successful agent on weapons and tactics required. Date TBC.

What to do

If you feel you fit the bill. Apply to Pbactionextras@gmail.com

with your CV and headshot.

Closing date 1st March 2021

Those chosen to attend the assessment day will be notified and given further instructions.

Potential start date July 2021

Rate of pay to be discussed on the assessment day, but will be in keeping with Mocap rates.


After France signed an armistice with Germany in June 1940, Great Britain feared the shadow of Nazism would continue to fall over Europe. Dedicated to keeping the French people fighting, Prime Minister Winston Churchill pledged the United Kingdom’s support to the resistance movement. Charged with “set(ting) Europe ablaze,” the Special Operations Executive, or SOE, was born.

Headquartered at 64 Baker Street in London, the SOE’s official purpose was to put British special agents on the ground to “coordinate, inspire, control and assist the nationals of the oppressed countries.” Minister of Economic Warfare Hugh Dalton borrowed irregular warfare tactics used by the Irish Republican Army two decades before.

The “Baker Street Irregulars,” as they came to be known, were trained in sabotage, small arms, radio and telegraph communication and unarmed combat.

SOE agents were also required to be fluent in the language of the nation in which they would be inserted so they could fit into the society seamlessly. If their presence aroused undue suspicion, their missions could well be over before they even began.

Best of luck

Team PB

#SOE #Baker Street Irregulars

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