Mother Russia Needs you.

Team PB are Casting. Mother Russia needs you.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY in the South west area.

Tankodesantniki (Tank Borne Troops) ride T-34/76 tanks into battle

Tank Desant (From the French Descent) was a Red Army invention during the Spanish Civil War. Desant is a Russian word meaning “drop” and was previously applied to naval and airborne troop landings. Suffering from a lack of adequate infantry transport, the Red Army solved their tank-infantry coordination by having the troops ride the tanks into battle.

This was also of much propaganda value, as the image of soldiers riding tanks into combat was very dramatic. In practice, the infantry were exposed to small arms and artillery fire, leaving the tanks vulnerable to German infantry.

Once within effective enemy fire the soldiers would decant and from the tank and use them as cover until close to the enemy position.

The Tankodesantniki were trained to give support to their tanks by suppressing enemy anti-tank weapons or enemy infantry equipped with anti-tank grenades and rocket launchers. This close interaction between tanks ans infantry allowed the Soviet Army to achieve critical breakthroughs into the German defensive lines.

Each tank brigade was allocated a Submachine-gun company which was divided amongst the tanks, providing the tank riders. The number of Tankodesantniki for each tank depended on the size of vehicle:

Heavy tanks: 10–12 troops each,
Medium tanks: 8–10 troops each, and
Light tanks: 5–6 troops each.

PB Military Technical Advisor require Ten good men to act as Tankodesantniki for a production filming in early August for six days.

More roles for this production will follow as the script moves along.

You will be working with real tanks.

You will be using section 5 blank firing weapons.

you will be need to be fit!

Dates. 10th to 19th August

Rate TBC. Rates will be competitive and subject to a
(- 15% admin Fee)


Age 17 – 24

Hight. 5.8 to 5′4

Build. Small to Medium.

Russian Speakers most welcome, but not a must.

This job is only open to those who have been previously trained by members of team PB on the following productions.


Gangs of London

Vanity Fair


Death of Stalin.

If successful you will receive further instructions and PAID training appropriate to the role to ensure authenticity and your safety on set.

You need to be physically fit with a clean bill of health.

Short hair, clean shaven.

You will be required to take the screen skills COVID-19 awareness course and provide proof of passing it. . (see link)

If you think you fit the requirements, available from the 10th to 19th August then please send recent picture with your measurements, a short bio and previous productions you have worked on with team PB.



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